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€ 1.000.000 - € 2.500.000

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€ 1.000.000 - € 2.500.000

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Investment overview Young innovative Belgian company in Artificial Intelligence is looking for additional growth equity General overview - Company founded in November 2016 - Own IP in Artificial Intelligence - Development phase almost completed  - Knowledge center for Artificial Intelligence  - Offices in Antwerp (Belgium) and Miami (US) The company has software in development that understands and structures data and makes decisions based upon the data. In other words a core that combines the interpreter engine and the decision engine and where both can learn from eachother. This kind of software allows the company to approach easily different businesses and only perform minor and less time consuming customizations. Activities - Sale software (integrated core) and service fee: The developed combined dual core (interpreter and decision engine) will be sold to various companies included a monthly service fee of 20% p.a. - Implementation: Once the core is sold an implementation trajectory is started. This takes roundabout 6 months with 4 FTE. - Consultancy: Complementary activity line in which the company delivers specialized knowledge to other companies interested in AI. This activity is an excellent early detection of interested companies in AI and interesting use cases. - AI Academy: The company also organises AI Academy events a few times a year. These seminars are organized for different types of executives (CEO, CFO, CMO, etc…). These events generate revenue and provide lead generation for the sales team. - Hardware: Combined with the implementation of the system the company can also provide the pre-installed hardware to the customer. Especially for SME customers this could be an added value. Key investment considerations: Strenghts  - The founder has a strong professional network  - High quality product range  - Tailored made solutions for customers  - Own R&D department  - Focus on European market  - Focus on AI solutions for SME’s  - Unique concept: Integrated core development, combined interpreter and decision engine  Challenges: - Funding go-to-market - Transformation from start-up tech company to a mature sales organisation - World-wide roll out Opportunities - Emerging AI market  - Own IP  - Ongoing test projects with major partners  - Diverse business activities  - - Centre of knowledge for AI - Applicable in various sectors - Swift customization  Business growth opportunities: - Various applications in almost every sector - Swift implementation - AI transformation support for different companies - Support customers after implementation - Geographical expansion - Developing AI solutions for large companies and multinationals Financial analysis - In 2017 first test use cases were conducted successfully. - First year closed break-even. - In 2018 an independent auditor will be engaged to perform a valuation on the IP so a quasi contribution can be done on the balance sheet. - First 7 months of 2018 will be needed to finalize the development of the integrated core. - New use cases will be conducted to test the core (software) and further develop the ‘machine learning’ capacity with structured and non-structured data - First sales to be realized mid 2018 after finalization of the development of the integrated core. - Sales always include a license fee for the use of the core, a service fee and implementation fee. Additionally after sales support can be delivered to customers at an additional charge. - In 2018, 4 cores will be implemented in Benelux market as a start. - 2019 will be the first full operational year. - In 2019 the European market will be targeted with GAS and Scandinavia as first territories. - Turnover rises in the upcoming years due to new territories and new improved technology for large scale projects and larger companies. - Importance of key people on the development. - Wages are the main costs drivers in the OPEX and proper allocation of FTE is crucial for the optimization and growth of the business. - EBTIDA level evolves positive due to better cost absorption by spreading costs over larger implementation volumes Market - The market segmentation, based on AI solution, includes: hardware, software and associated service solutions. - Progressive direct revenue generated from sources such as software and service solutions, is projected to lead the market over the forecast period till 2025. - AI-based software solutions include libraries for designing and deploying artificial intelligence applications including those for, inference, primitives, video analytics, sparse matrices, linear algebra, and multi-hardware communication capabilities. - The service segment includes installation, integration, and maintenance & support undertakings. - AI service solutions market is expected to grow at a CAGR of above 60% till 2025. - Artificial Intelligence has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent past due to the necessity for advancement in the areas of machine translation, object perception, and object recognition. - The landscape of tools and infrastructure for training and deploying of neural networks via ‘Machine Learning’ is further evolving rapidly. - The rapid uptake of artificial intelligence in end-use industries such as retail and business analytics is expected to augment growth over the next few years. Transaction rationale The company is looking for a strong partner for the go-to-market of the AI integrated core solution. The founder of the company is looking for 1,5 mio in series A funding to accelerate the growth against a minority stake. Contact Acorfin Sven Van den Bogaert sven@acorfin.be 0475/21 68 46

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1.000.000 - 2.500.000
1.000.000 - 2.500.000