What is my company’s value?

Curious about your company’s value and whether or not you can retire from working? Do the free check. It only takes 5 minutes!

Curious to the value of your company and do you want to know whether you can quit working or not?

Which entrepreneur isn’t curious about the value of their company? Whether you are an owner of a sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC, or Ltd., this calculation tool offers you the answers you’re looking for!

The company’s value (whether or not in combination with self-owned real estate) is the retirement annuity for many entrepreneurs, or offers assurance for the continuation of their current lifestyle. To ensure that future desires can be met, it’s important to chart all assets, which includes the company’s value.

A company’s value can be calculated in countless ways. This website applies the DCF method (discounted cash flow), in other words: calculating the value based on future cash flows.

How does the calculation module work?

You go through this free module step-by-step. First, you select either sole proprietorship/general partnership or LLC/Ltd. Step 2 requires you to fill in the white fields. Many of these details can be found in your annual report. You only have to fill in the white fields; the grey fields contain existing formulas. Step 3 will consequently show you the indicative value of your company.


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