Conditions of use

Conditions of use

Dear user,
This website and the associated Internet services are made available to you by Internet B.V. (hereinafter: “Internet BV”), with registered office in Boekel, the Netherlands, and listed in the trade register of the Brabant Chamber of Commerce under number 17186537. By using one of the websites of Internet BV and the associated Internet services, you shall be deemed to have taken note of and accepted these conditions. Therefore, be sure to read these conditions carefully.

The use

You must use the websites and the Internet services in a careful and responsible manner, in conformity with all of the applicable provisions and any other applicable code of conduct. You must comply with any instructions that we issue. The following acts are not permitted:
  • using the website in a manner that is harmful to companies associated with us, our clients, other users of our Internet services and websites or third parties;
  • sending unwanted messages of a commercial nature ('spam') to persons whose e-mail address you have obtained through the Internet services and websites of Internet BV;
  • changing, damaging, deactivating, overburdening, inhibiting or limiting the use of the Internet services and websites of Internet BV;
  • threatening, insulting, discriminating against or inhibiting others;
  • delivering material or messages that are intentionally inaccurate, threatening, insulting, discriminatory, intimidating, unlawful, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, abusive, misleading or fraudulent or can be interpreted as such, or that contain explicit or graphic descriptions of sexual acts, or that violate the privacy of others; 
  • disseminating viruses or documents that contain other harmful components.
Internet BV reserves the right to recover the loss suffered as a result of unauthorised actions.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights to the content of the Internet services and websites of Internet BV rest with Internet BV, insofar as these rights do not rest with third parties whose material is made available on the Internet services and websites of Internet BV. Intellectual property rights shall be understood to include all copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, trade name rights, databank rights, design rights and other intellectual property rights in the Netherlands or elsewhere. You can only consult and use the content of the Internet services and websites of Internet BV for your own use.
Information obtained from the Internet services and websites of Internet BV may not be published, reproduced or sold on a non-incidental basis in any form whatsoever, including integrating the information after processing in networks or having the information appear on multiple monitors or otherwise publishing the information.


The processing of the data on the Internet services and websites of Internet BV and the creation of that data is carried out to the best of our abilities and with the greatest care. Neither Internet BV nor its suppliers can vouch for the accuracy and the completeness of the information that is saved on the Internet services and websites of Internet BV and are therefore, except in cases of deliberate act or conscious recklessness by Internet BV and/or its suppliers, not liable for damage resulting from inaccuracy, incompleteness or unlawfulness of the content of the information provided by means of the Internet services and websites of Internet BV. Internet BV is not responsible for the content of information placed on or by means of the website by third parties. The party that has delivered that information himself/herself is responsible for the content of the information. You must always verify the accuracy of information that is of essential importance to you. Internet BV is not liable for Internet services and websites of Internet BV being inaccessible and/or unavailable as a result of malfunction.

Delivery of material

If you send information to the Internet services and websites of Internet BV, that information shall not be considered confidential. By sending information, you grant Internet BV unlimited, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully available for sublicense right to use, publish, change, translate and remove that information for this and other web sites (whether upon request from third parties or otherwise), to publish your name in connection with this and to disclose your details to third parties if, in our reasonable opinion, we we are required to do so. You warrant that, with regard to all of the materials and contributions that you have submitted, you have the authority to grant us this permission and you indemnify us against all claims of third parties in this regard. The information that you have provided must not be in conflict with any provision of the conditions of use. Internet BV has the right, without being required to specify reasons, to refuse the information provided or to delete information already published on the websites.

Forwarding responses

If you respond to a profile posted on a website of Internet BV, with regard to forwarding your response to the submitter of the profile, Internet BV shall observe the normal care that can be expected of a reasonable website operator, although any liability for the failure to receive and/or send your response, or failure to forward this information promptly or sending this information incorrectly, is explicitly excluded.

General terms and conditions

Internet BV utilises General Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all offers and agreements with Internet BV. You can view, print and download these terms and conditions using the link.

Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement applies to the use of our Internet services and websites. You can view, print and download our Privacy Statement using the link.