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About us 

Bedrijventekoop.be is the largest company takeover website. We match offer and demand of companies on an effective way, we doe this on a large scale and very succesful. To connect our main visitors - entrepreneurs (starters) and advisors - on a free and accessible way, we created an intesting platform. The only limitations is the asking price. This one has to be over €100.000 to be on our website. 
For us quality is the most important motivation. We always contact every profile before it is publiced online. We talk about the text and sometimes we help editing. Evereone who reactis to a prolile receives a reaction within two weeks of the owner of the profile. Because we speak our advertisers a lot, we know our website is up to date. 
International community
Bedrijventekoop.be has a focus on SME in Belgium. Besides that we also have a platform Sociestesavendre.be for Wallon in Belgium, Bedrijventekoop.nl for the Netherlands, Firmenzukaufen.de for Germany and Bizalia.com for Spain. All together we reach a large piece of the total (international) market.
Facts and figures
  • An average of 80.000 visitors each month
  • 5.000 views and 10 reactions per profile
  • 250 new profiles every month
  • Weekly newsletter with the newest profiles to 6.000 adresses
  • Registrated database with people looking for a company to buy
  • 45% of our profiles are succesfully sold/bought
  • Every profile is anonymous on our website
  • Forward and backward matching of your profiles
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