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Electrical engineering company specialising in security systems

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The Netherlands

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All of the country

General information



Type of company

Installation company

Legal entity

Foreign legal entity

Type of transaction


Life phase enterprise

  • Starting
  • Growing
  • Full-grown

Employees in FTE

5 - 25

Type of buyer

Strategic acquisition

Financial information

Turnover last financial year

250.000 - 2.500.000

Asking price

0 - > 5.000.000

Earnings before taxes

0 - > 5.000.000

Company history/background

The potential seller has been active in security technology for some time and supplies and installs security systems, such as intrusion protection and alarm systems.

There is no business succession available in the company or family or the company has reached a size where development to the next phase would be better served by becoming part of a larger entity, where the new organisation can facilitate the company to take the steps necessary to achieve its goals. 

As an indication, our client is looking for a company with 5-15 employees, located in Limburg, south of Roermond. The eastern part of Belgian Limburg may also be of interest.

Company activities

Our client has built up a fine, profitable and financially solid business over many decades. It also supplies and installs systems in the field of security, but wants to strengthen its activities in this area.

To this end, it is looking for a company that has already acquired a good market position in this market.  

Unique selling points

Our client has an excellent reputation and focuses mainly on the business segment of the market. It provides its services in a broad field of electrical installation technology and wants to strengthen its market position in the field of security systems in the coming years.  


Our client currently employs more than 50 people.